Cheek Filler

Cheek, which is an important facial region, provide us a chubby, alive and healthy appearance. Skin structure is thicker and more porous compared to other regions. Bone structure provides clarity to this region but amount of muscle and soft tissue located between bone and skin are also quite high.

Cheeks start from the nose’s edge and volume of front cheek portion is generally low. They reach the highest volume in outer and lower part of our eyes, but volume decreases again towards front of the ear. Clarity of front and mid part of the cheeks provides more beautiful view to people. Filler application to these regions is easy and effortless.

Application is injection of hyaluronic acid to subcutaneous via a needle. Bio-expander is a good alternative for this region. Sunken view of under-eye region can be fixed with cheeks. Dab anesthetic creams on this region to minimize discomfort during process. Amount of filler used during operation varies depend on the trouble. Effect of the application occurs instantly. Wrinkle and sunken recover, but redness and swelling may occur for 1-2 days. The best view shows up in 3-4 days. Control takes place at the first weekend and obtained outcome is retained for 9-18 months.

Although activity duration of filler comprised with hyaluronic acid changes depends on the individuals, it will be permanent at least 9 months in this region.

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